Site Launch:

Affinity Bridge is proud to launch the initial iteration of the redesign. A project of Big Room Inc., is a directory of green product labels. The site aims to help both consumers and producers become familiarized with the various ecolabels in their regions, and connects consumers with green products that suit their needs.

About the site

The goals of the site are to provide information and transparency surrounding green labeling, to standardize label definitions, and to help facilitate trade for green companies and consumers so that the green economy will grow and flourish. The site has already been recognized by a recent Wall Street Journal article about the confusion surrounding ecolablels. The current discourse surrounding ecolabels is filled with debate and we look forward to seeing play an integral part of this discussion.

How we did it

Initially built using a combination of custom CMS and Wordpress, Affinity Bridge migrated all data into Drupal and developed the first iteration of the site alongside the graphic design team assembled by Big Room. One of the more exciting challenges we faced was allowing users to quickly search the labels based not only on keywords, but also specific criteria such as the geographic area in which the label is active, and the type of label. Lucky for us, as we were tackling this problem, the Drupal community was actively developing the Apache Solr module which integrates Drupal with the Apache Solr search platform.

What we learned

Each project provides an opportunity for our team to gain new knowledge and to enhance and practise our existing processes. We learned a great deal working alongside Big Room and their team.

  • Migrating data from custom and external sources into Drupal takes hard work and careful planning, especially when using a custom migration tool. Consulting firms dedicated to Drupal migration, such as Cyrve, have emerged as this is such a demanding area of a project. As the members of Cyrve have now released some of their migration tools, including the Table Wizard and Migrate modules, to the Drupal community, this process should be less painstaking in the future.
  • Developing alongside external design firms can streamline project execution, given attention to communication between all parties.
  • It’s great to work with clients who are passionate about growing the green economy.


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