UBC Faculty of Forestry

The UBC’s Faculty of Forestry is committed to cutting edge research, focusing on both the practical aspects of the forestry industry and critical thinking about ecology, cultural issues, and technology related to forestry.

The Sustainable Forest Management Indicator Knowledge Base project is a prime example of their commitment to progressive social values and knowledge sharing. This project seeks to facilitate understanding and sharing of sustainable forestry management practices worldwide.


Faced with disparate versions of sustainable Forest Management (FM) indicators, the faculty realized that they needed a more cohesive, standard approach to foster a more productive knowledge sharing environment. This was complicated by the need to present data in both English and Chinese to serve the needs of its users. 


We were hired to create a central database for their FM indicators, including a Chinese language version of the site to support Chinese users. The new database backend is self-managed by the Faculty.


The new site is the first time the FM indicator set had been made available online in a non-pdf format. The main site allows researchers from around the world to collaborate in a multi-user environment. There are also a gallery containing several hundred photos related to forest management practices.The Chinese version of the site was built to help sustainable forest management research in China, in partnership with UBC.