Robin Puga

Chief Technology Officer

Robin is Affinity Bridge's Technical Lead. With over a decade of experience developing web applications using free and open source tools, his expertise in software, algorithm and web design are called upon frequently for the “heavy lifting” on projects. He specializes in automating deployment and multisite setups (Install Profiles and Aegir), online collaboration tools, and multilingual websites. Robin’s other passions include co-operatives, people-centered economics and community radio.

Robin built his first web application using open source tools (G/LAMP) for the University of Victoria’s Extended Media Laboratory in early 1998. It was during this project that he cultivated an appreciation and admiration for free and open source software development. He earned his Bachelor of Science with distinction from the University of Victoria where he specialized in Software Engineering in 1999.

In his spare time at school Robin started a web development company specialising in affordable free and open source web solutions providing non-technical users with the ability to update their own websites. After his formal education, Robin went on to develop software for private industry for a number of years, working on such technologies as vehicle location systems and algorithm design for signing secure digital documents. During this time, he continued to manage his web development company.

In 2002, Robin joined the British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies (BCICS) to help enhance the Institute’s information technology facilities. In his role as Technology Director at BCICS he designed and implemented the online projects, including the Co-operative Learning Centre. He also helped coordinate the publishing of Youth Reinventing Co-operatives – a book about youth co-operatives around the world.

In 2005, Robin was introduced to the Drupal project and became an instant enthusiast. Robin began working as a Drupal developer on projects with Mack Hardy in 2007 and he moved back to Vancouver in 2008 to work full time with Affinity Bridge. In his spare time, Robin co-hosts a radio program on Vancouver Co-op Radio (101.9FM in Vancouver). Each for All: The Co-operative Connection explores topics related to co-operative and social economy organizations. He sits on the board of the British Columbia Co-operative Association.