Shiraz Dindar

Agile Developer

Shiraz is a highly skilled Drupal module coder and tweaker. Drupal is a robust and diverse application, but our clients are even moreso, often requiring Affinity Bridge to create new modules or tweak existing ones to get the exact functionality that a client requires. This is mostly behind-the-scenes work and Shiraz is, suitably, a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, working from home.

He started on the computing trail way back in 1984 when he would rush home from elementary school to sit at his Commodore 64 and program a bulletin board system which was well-received by Toronto’s computing community. In the interests of diversifying (and un-nerdifying) he moved towards the social sciences in high school, then, following his environmental heart and moving to the west coast, earned his B.A. in Sociology from UBC. When not in class, Shiraz was busy fighting for democracy with UBC’s Culture Jammers group. After graduating, Shiraz had an excellent stint guerrilla gardening with the Environmental Youth Alliance, and eventually returned to his roots as a techie, working as Sales Support Engineer for the leading post-secondary course-delivery software company, Chief Technology Officer for an emergent South African telecommunications firm, and Unix server support worker for a large webhosting company. With considerable experience in PHP and mySQL, Shiraz is well-prepared for his coding position with Affinity Bridge. But beyond that, he is ecstatic to have found in Drupal, and particularly in Affinity Bridge, the magic link between his technical skills and his passion for social and environmental justice. The world as it should be, according to Shiraz, is an intelligent mix of high-tech and low-tech. Working on progressive, world-changing, paradigm-shifting websites from his laptop whilst deer run around his earthy house, Shiraz taps that joy which the Buddhists call “right livelihood”.