Affinity Bridge at DrupalCon Chicago

Affinity Bridge at DrupalCon Chicago

dcc2011 attending

It's already that time again, DrupalCon Chicago is on next week! We've got three members of the Affinity Bridge team attending the conference, looking forward to learning, sprinting, and presenting a few sessions.

Dave Tarc, our newest team member Katherine Bailey (welcome!), and I (Ariane) will be at the conference, and we've got a few events/sessions that we're working on and would love to see you at:

Tuesday, Mar. 8, 3:15pm: "Help Needs Help!" 

This is a 15 minute core conversation with 15 minutes of discussion time afterwards. I'll be co-presenting this with the other Documentation co-lead, Jennifer Hodgdon. We plan to do a quick review the current challenges with Drupal's Help system, and what options there are to improve how we provide end-user and developer "help" documentation. Would be great to have both Docs Team members and core developers there to brainstorm! This will likely set the direction for Help system work for Drupal 8.

Wednesday, Mar. 9, 11am: "New Directions for Drupal Documentation" 

This is the main documentation session that Jennifer Hodgdon and I will be presenting. We'll review where we're at and talk about what we're working towards, including specific challenges and goals we've been discussing. We'd love a chance to talk with as many members (and potential members) of the Docs Team as possible to get your feedback, ideas, and input!

Wednesday, Mar. 9, 5pm: "Drupal 7 JavaScript for Developers"

Katherine will be co-presenting with Randy Fay on how developers can use JavaScript in Drupal 7. The talk will focus on how to harness the power of the new built-in AJAX framework, the improved Drupal 7 JavaScript API, and how to use JS libraries.

Friday, Mar. 11, all day: Documentation Sprint! 

Jennifer will be back in Seattle and will be leading the API/code side of the Docs Sprint on IRC, while I work in person with the attendees on the online documentation. Please come out if you'll still be in town; it's a lot of fun, a chance to get a ton of docs work done, and a great learning opportunity!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, and if this happens to be your first Drupalcon, I suggest you read our good ol' DrupalCon Abridged post for some tactics on getting the most out of the week!