Drupal7 Contrib Module Upgrade Sprint

Drupal7 Contrib Module Upgrade Sprint


This past weekend was the Drupal7 Contrib Module Upgrade Sprint that Károly Négyesi (aka chx) organized at the NowPublic offices in Vancouver. I spent a good part of Saturday there, helped out with coaching the one brave beginner who turned up to learn some of the tools for helping out in the community. Otherwise, after a bit of a rough start, the devs all hunkered down and made some Drupal magic, upgrading super important things like Views, Panels, database stuff, and various other bits and pieces of modules and themes.

A good number of people came in from out of town and all worked their butts off. Sam Boyer came in from Chicago and was working on panels, Jakob Perry was up from Bellingham and was working with some others to get Coder module functional for D7. David Strauss was in from Austin, TX, and I think he was working on some Views and DBTNG stuff, and Josh Brauer came up from Idaho and Amye Scavarda (who I'd met at the Project Management BOF in DC) was in from Portland as well... I lost track what everyone was doing but trust me you want to thank your lucky starts there are all these amazing dedicated people around.

Highfives to all the Vancouverites who came out and helped and showed their support! Rick, Dale, Katherine, Francis, Hubert, Richard, Catherine, and Chris. And also to the others who joined remotely, Damien Tournoud, Dmitri Gaskin, Larry Garfield, Daniel Wehne, and Mike Prasuhn spent the better part of their weekends helping out from their respective homes. I'm sure others stopped in that I missed, but I just feel like it's the least we can do to say a collective thanks to everyone who spends so much of their time and energy keeping this ship afloat. Open source communities are a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.

David Strauss has a post up on the Four Kitchens blog as well, with some more info and links to specific projects that were being worked on, as well as how where to report bugs with the newly upgraded modules.