DrupalCon DC

DrupalCon DC


Last week I attended my second DrupalCon, in Washington DC. There were a lot of great sessions and I also organized my first BOF (Birds of a Feather) session for Project Managers, focusing on a discussion on Agile Development. Conversations from the BOF will hopefully continue in the PM group on g.d.o.

I went to some really interesting sessions - my favorites (so far, I still have many to watch on video) certainly focus on project management. At the top of my list are Addi Berry's (from Lullabot) Documentation talk [video], Angie Byron's (also from Lullabot, she's the D7 core maintainer) session on what's coming up in Drupal 7 [video], the QA talk [video], and Konstantin's session on What's new in web development [video].

Another great session was by Adrian Rossouw, on Aegir [video], which was extremely well attended and excited people a lot. Also Audrey Foo was on a panel about SOLR search [video] and I learned about distributed search while she was prepping for the session. Also, Konstantin Kaeffer (from Now Public), who's a star after FOUR sessions definitely gets an honourable mention for being on the forefront of a lot of cutting edge web technology. (Be sure to see this page for all posted videos.)

Other talks of interest that I have yet to catch up on the video for are Boris Mann's (from Bootup Labs) RDF talk [video], and James Walker's (from Lullabot) Why I hate Drupal [video] which I've heard was quite good (also at 9am). Oh, and I have to add that meeting Courtney from Floatleft, was great - I think she'll be a joy to work with (again for AB, but for the first time for me) hopefully in the not too distant future.

Also a major highlight was the Sprint day on Saturday. I spent the day at the Documentation Sprint, which was actually great fun. With some help from Matthew O'Malley (of Grand Junction Design), Bruno de Bondt (of Belgium IndyMedia and Krimson), and Andy Laken, I took on cleaning up and integrating comments on the Troubleshooting page for the WSOD (White Screen of Death). I didn't really realize what I was getting myself into, as it was quite a mess. But it's a page that I'm pretty sure gets a lot of use, so I feel like it was a worthy project - I've now finished rolling in the comments, and need to find someone to review it for technical accuracy before giving it the stamp of approval.

Thanks to all the Doc Sprint "cat herders" and of course to Addi who is full of awesome for being the lead editor and organizer of all things Drupal documentation. Which reminds me, congrats to Addi on getting one of the Knight Foundation grants! Some of her grant will fund her being able to travel and do Doc Sprints at DrupalCamps in other cities, so if you think documentation is fun, you should contact her and get her to come hang out! I'll work on trying to get her out to Vancouver so we can all take part in some more fun with Documentation!