Three Big Reasons We're Excited to be Growing

Three Big Reasons We're Excited to be Growing

Affinity Bridge & Raised Eyebrow

With autumn in full swing it feels a bit like the first day of school for us today, as we’re eager to share some big news and welcome some new faces to the office here at Affinity Bridge.

Raised Eyebrow Web Studio and Affinity Bridge are joining forces.

We’re excited to tell you about a new partnership with Vancouver’s Raised Eyebrow Studios—a like-minded web strategy and development firm who, like us, specialize in helping NGOs and causes. Emira Mears, Founder of Raised Eyebrow, is focusing her agency on digital strategy for nonprofits. Affinity Bridge will become their partner for web development, and we’re bringing three of RE’s team members into our fold. Emira will also be a resident consultant to Affinity, bringing her expertise and experience to bear on client projects.

Meet our new team members:

Please join us in welcoming Sherri, Anna and Rose to our team. We’re excited to start working on some new projects with them—it means we can do more of what we love and build on what is best about us—our talented team.

Sherri Maunsell, with a background in working for community-oriented organizations around the Lower Mainland, was the Client Manager for Raised Eyebrow. 

Anna Geeroms, Raised Eyebrow’s Technical Business Analyst, is also making the move to the Affinity Bridge team. Anna has a background in working with nonprofits and handles functional requirements gathering and documentation, training, and user acceptance testing. Anna also designed the architecture and functionality on most of Raised Eyebrow’s clients’ websites.

The third new team member joining us is Rose Cass, a web developer who got her start in the BCIT New Media Design and Web Development program.

How will the partnership with Raised Eyebrow work?

To put it simply, Raised Eyebrow will be focusing its business on digital strategy for nonprofits, while Affinity Bridge will partner with them to handle web development.

“As we’ve grown as a firm, I’ve realized how important is for me to be able to focus on the strategic side of our business to achieve our clients’ goals,” said Emira Mears, Founder of Raised Eyebrow. “I was impressed by both the work and the reputation of Mack and his team, as well as our shared values. This partnership is such a great fit for both our clients and staff, who are making the move to Affinity Bridge.”

It shows how close the local community of development talent in Vancouver really is—especially among those of us who care about using the web to affect change in a meaningful way. We’re anticipating some great things out of this new partnership, and the new members of our team—things that will definitely benefit our clients.

Affinity Bridge staff