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Step 1: Know your environment I used Drupal 8.2.7 for this blog post demonstration. You need to find out which CKEditor version your Drupal is using in order to download the appropriate version of the plugin. There are several ways to find out your CKEditor version: Find the ckeditor.js file inside Drupal code and search for "version." You will find it beside the "timestamp". Go to a page on your site that has a CKEditor, open your browser inspector, and find the ckeditor.js file as shown below: Step 2: Download your CKEditor plugin For the purpose of this demonstration we are going to install...
Drupal 6 has reached the end of its life (EOL), leaving many Drupal 6 site owners wondering what to do with their sites. "Upgrade to Drupal 8" is the most obvious choice, but upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 can still be a bit tricky.
I remember back at Drupalcon Portland 2013 asking Angie Byron (webchick), Why not ship the new Drupal 8 with a blank canvas theme, so front end developers could do their job without the needing to shop for a third party theme? She said that was a good argument and should be taken into consideration, and it looks like my requested was fulfilled. Thank you.