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DrupalCon Denver is next week! Interesting line up of sessions about Project Management, Node.js and Backbone.js, Mapping, and lots more...
Dries Buytaert's core conversation at DrupalCon Chicago inspired me to think about a more agile process for Drupal 8.
It's already that time again, DrupalCon Chicago is on next week! We've got three members of the Affinity Bridge team attending the conference, looking forward to learning, sprinting, and presenting a few sessions.
Ariane's DrupalCon Copenhagen adventures: Core Dev Summit, Docs Sprints, and favourite sessions.
Last week, Zoe , Dave , and I made our way down to San Francisco for DrupalCon . It was a fantastic week, and even though I knew how many people were attending, I was still stunned by the actual size of the crowd, especially when we were all gathered together for the keynote sessions. Sadly, I missed the Core Developer Summit , which I was really looking forward to, after having to delay my trip down for a few extra days to recover a bit more from the flu. From the sounds of it (and the tiny bit I was able to catch on Ustream), it was a fantastic kickoff to the week, and led to some excellent...
DrupalCon is about to descend on Paris in a matter of days. Sadly no, I will not be attending. But you're in luck, because our very own Disseminator of Awesome Shawn is on his way to represent Affinity Bridge and enjoy his first DrupalCon!
Last week I attended my second DrupalCon, in Washington DC. There were a lot of great sessions and I also organized my first BOF (Birds of a Feather) session for Project Managers, focusing on a discussion on Agile Development. Conversations from the BOF will hopefully continue in the PM group on g.d.o.