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We've worked on many projects over the years that have relied on mapping tools as a central part of the final product. There is so much potential for storytelling and data sharing on maps that it makes all the different work we do with them dynamic, interesting, and fun
Affinity Bridge is known for designing and building effective websites in Drupal for our clients. But this project provided something different, and interesting, for the team to tackle. The Tanker Tracker Map Application was not something that could be built in Drupal. So how did we do it?
There are all kinds of technologies out there that do nothing to improve the world, but there are also organizations harnessing the power of technology for good. Peacegeeks is one such organization, and we worked with them on a new tool: Project Amani.
Producing rich maps from large datasets without crashing your web browser.
This past weekend we attended the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit and I gave an introduction to open data and beautiful maps.
Once a month (on the third or fourth Thursday of the month), Drupal developers from Vancouver and area get together to share knowledge and demo their recent work. Typically each meetup has a main presenter and also a case study. The March meetup was last week, and Mack did the main presentation, talking about "Geo Data and Mapping in Drupal 6".