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Two powerful and flexible search modules - one that allows for pluggable backends, and another that provides pluggable facet widgets - have just become integrated. Get up and running with both of them together - install profile included in this blog post!
The 7.x-3.x branch represents a complete rewrite of the Quicktabs module, providing much greater flexibility in what can be done with it. It uses ctools for plugin management and provides two types of plugins: renderer and content plugins.
Boxes module Abridged: its history, how to use it, resources, and a note on how we've been using it ourselves.
An overview of the Context module, a simple yet powerful way to define sections of a Drupal website.
While working on our last project, I realized that we haven't used breadcrumbs in a theme for a while. By default, the breadcrumbs weren't following the primary links herarchy and were only displaying the "Home" link. Here's how to achieve more useful breadcrumbs.
Behold, the first generation of MailChimp Import. This module does no more, and no less, than import your MailChimp campaigns as nodes.
This past weekend was the Drupal7 Contrib Module Upgrade Sprint that Károly Négyesi (aka chx) organized at the NowPublic offices in Vancouver. I spent a good part of Saturday there, helped out with coaching the one brave beginner who turned up to learn some of the tools for helping out in the community. Otherwise, after a bit of a rough start, the devs all hunkered down and made some Drupal magic, upgrading super important things like Views, Panels, database stuff, and various other bits and pieces of modules and themes. A good number of people came in from out of town and all worked their...
Patch Review Session for Drupal 7 Core