Want to Join the Affinity Bridge Team?

Want to Join the Affinity Bridge Team?

Mack Hardy, Tom Nightingale

How can you not want to be part of this???

At the first PNW Summit in Seattle (2008) c/o our friend Steve from The Jibe

Okay, you got us. We're not really "rock stars", and there are no foosball tables here. We're a group of peers who enjoy being engaged in our work, and sharing our work lives with each other.

AB HQ panos from Mack (click to see them bigger!)

What we value

  • Knowing about Drupal, inside and out.
  • Interest in other things like mapping, search backends, and collaboration platforms.
  • Caring! We work mainly with social and environmental change groups.
  • Doing things well. We like to be meticulous and constantly improve our techniques.
  • Communication skills. Talking and writing helps us improve our skills and the way we work together.
  • Getting involved. They're not mandatory, but we like to attend events and conferences; presenting and learning new things at them.
  • Good people. Just because we have a healthy, balanced workplace doesn't mean work is just work. We want to get to know you, and vice versa. We're a work-family, and we want you to be checked in.
  • Collaboration over competition. We like to play hard, but nice; work together within our team, and with others to achieve more than we could on our own.
  • Quality of life. It's important to get things done and be consistent, but work shouldn't make you crazy or take over your life. We're a flexible workplace (within reason!) so that we can all have the latitude to live our lives, rather than live to work.

What we offer

A relaxed and supportive workplace that fosters creativity.
A place that supports teaching and learning.
A job where you can contribute back to the Drupal project.
Top notch development practices that we're constantly pushing ourselves on.
Interesting clients who are doing good things in the world.
Challenging projects, where you can learn new technologies. 


A great group of people to work with.
A company where you can cultivate a career you enjoy.
Being part of something you can be proud of.


And of course, nice things like extended health, professional development funding, and paid time to work on R&D and Drupal contributions.

Oh, and the view's not bad...

Think you'd make a good addition to our team?

Junior or senior, we want to hear from you. Tell us who you are, what you're interested in, what makes you awesome, and why you think we should hire you.