We are heading to PNW Drupal Summit Seattle 2012

We are heading to PNW Drupal Summit Seattle 2012


Eight of us from the Affinity Bridge team are going to be in Seattle for the PNW Drupal Summit this weekend. We are all really excited to be sponsoring the summit once again this year and are looking forward to seeing all our drupal friends, old and new.

There will be two official sessions that our team members will be presenting that you might want to check out if you're coming to the conference:

Mapping and GIS on the Server Side of Drupal 

10:00am - Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mack Hardy will be giving discussing some of the tools Affinity has been working with to provide performant, data rich maps in Drupal.  Topics will range from discussions of the tools, Leaflet, Tilestache, Mapnik, Mapbox, Tilemill and PostGIS to some examples of how to deliver information to the weblayer that has traditionally been in the domain of GIS tools.  See more details on the session page.

The Affinity Team is also hoping to participate in a BoF on Geo tools in general, theres so much to discuss!

Going further with D7 Organic Groups

1:30pm - Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dave Tarc will be presenting on how to go further with Organic Groups module.  He'll review the structural differences between the 7x versions of OG, and look at how to use Rules and Views Bulk Operations to extend the way OG works out of the box.   He will likely share some code examples of how to use the OG module functions to get custom behaviors working.  See more details on the session page.

Hope you can make it to the sessions if you're going to be at the Summit. Otherwise, watch for us at the conference, parties and in the Hacker Lounge - please say hello!