World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice

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 At Affinity Bridge, we stand for a just, inclusive and sustainable world. We believe strongly in social justice and working with our clients to build a more equitable society.

This year’s theme for World Day of Social Justice, selected by the United Nations, is a “Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy”. While we recognize that technology provides incredible opportunities for many employees and organizations, the shift to digital particularly in the pandemic has also led to a greater widening of inequities between the “digital haves” and “have nots”. 

For the UN, this specific  focus “aims at fostering dialogue with member States and relevant UN institutions and other stakeholders on actions needed to overcome the digital divide, provide decent work opportunities, and protect labour and human rights in the modern era of digital technologies.”

To support World Day of Social Justice, we have chosen to donate to a local organization whose good work is helping to narrow the technology gap locally. 

We believe in Free Geek Vancouver's dedication to the environment and their commitment to creating opportunities for people through training and resources here in our community and abroad.

Free Geek Vancouver logoFree Geek Vancouver is a non-profit community organization that reuses and recycles donated electronics, offers education and job skills training, and provides free or low-cost computers to the public.