Anna Geeroms

For 20 years, Anna has helped nonprofits harness technology to increase their impact. A sponge for information, she enjoys working with clients to understand their processes and priorities, consolidate information and clarify purpose, and design systems and artifacts that build alignment across teams.

People are at the heart of Anna’s process; understanding their needs, motivations, and psychology, and their organizational goals and priorities. From there, Anna enjoys collaborating with design and development teams to design systems to serve people and manifest goals. Taking a holistic approach, Anna strives to ensure solutions mesh well with existing systems, user experience is optimized to revolutionize system users’ daily work and increase conversion, projects are well-documented and extensible, and organizations are empowered and enabled.

Data-driven, Anna enjoys identifying key flows and analyzing how system changes affect outcomes, to help clients measure the impact of their work..

Anna has worn many hats, including: designing solutions for WordPress, Drupal, and Salesforce at agencies, working as CRM Solutions Architect for David Suzuki Foundation, leading projects for Endswell Foundation/Tides Canada, working for a communications consultancy, and building a political party from the ground up–serving as a treasurer for many years. 

An English and Women Studies major, Anna paints, cooks, gardens, and follows politics. She lives in Vancouver with her dog and 10 year old twins.


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