The Great Climate Race: A run that makes a difference

Mack at the Great Climate RaceOn Sunday, November 8th, some of us at Affinity Bridge were excited to take part in the first inaugural Great Climate Race, both at the Vancouver run and virtually. Mack ran the 10k and broke his own record time in Stanley Park, while I took part in the virtual race from Gibsons BC, keeping things slow and steady in the 2.5k run.

We’ve also had the pleasure of helping the Great Climate Race founders, Ben West & Mari McMillan, find the right technical solutions to get this first race to raise money for solar projects off the ground and onto the web.

What is the Great Climate Race?

So how did the Great Climate Race come about? On their website, Ben says,

Vancouver Foundation site redesign: Telling the stories that connect and engage

The Vancouver Foundation, a non-profit community foundation that focuses on connecting and engaging people and communities, came to us looking for a new way to showcase their work, the people and communities they help, plus their impact on our communities. They needed something fresh and responsive that was a stronger representation of their organization.

Designing for storytelling

Often we begin projects by inventorying site content to gain a better understanding of what we have to work with. On this project we were struck by the beautiful content in Vancouver Foundation magazine--stunning photo assets and inspiring grantee/fundholder stories--and how the homepage, in particular, was doing doing a really poor job of telling these stories. The homepage was too static and didn't convey the Foundation's energetic personality or the impact of the work they are doing.

Affinity Bridge: Ten years, with gratitude

It can be hard as an organization, in the spaces between projects and daily workloads, to look ahead and plan for where you hope to be in even two years time; which makes us all the more grateful to be celebrating our tenth anniversary at Affinity Bridge. With Thanksgiving weekend just behind us, we’ve been thinking about the things that we appreciate the most, and how that gratitude will affect our work as we head into our next ten years.

Ten years is a long time to devote to strong relationships with great clients. We’re grateful to have spent years working with some of the best clients around on interesting and challenging projects. From some of our oldest collaborations with the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC and the Dalai Lama Center, to newer ones with Vancity Credit Union, OpenMedia, and the Vancouver Foundation, the clients that come to us always bring an interesting set of challenges and problems to solve… and we love to solve complex problems.

Educating the heart online with the Dalai Lama Center

Heart-mind Online announcement

Parents, teachers, and anyone tasked with the care of children understand the challenges we face in helping them grow into the kinds of adults we are proud to give the world to. Not only do we seek to nurture their minds and give them all the tools they need to learn and create a better world through technology, science, literature, and the arts, but we also want to make sure they learn how to be human. Standards and resources are common for teaching math and english, but matters of the heart — social and emotional development — are more difficult to standardize, and often more challenging to address effectively.

The Dalai Lama Center for Peace + Education has conceptualized Heart-Mind well-being, and is offering tools and resources for parents and educators looking for help through Heart-Mind Online.

Three Big Reasons We're Excited to be Growing

With autumn in full swing it feels a bit like the first day of school for us today, as we’re eager to share some big news and welcome some new faces to the office here at Affinity Bridge.

Raised Eyebrow Web Studio and Affinity Bridge are joining forces.

We’re excited to tell you about a new partnership with Vancouver’s Raised Eyebrow Studios—a like-minded web strategy and development firm who, like us, specialize in helping NGOs and causes. Emira Mears, Founder of Raised Eyebrow, is focusing her agency on digital strategy for nonprofits. Affinity Bridge will become their partner for web development, and we’re bringing three of RE’s team members into our fold. Emira will also be a resident consultant to Affinity, bringing her expertise and experience to bear on client projects.

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