Shopping Local with Vancity

A few months ago, Vancity Credit Union approached us with an idea that they hoped would help them use their Good Money™ program to support a stronger local economy. After talking with them about the potential for this new project, we were excited to work with them—on what was to be a very short schedule—to produce a pilot loyalty program now being tested in the Victoria market, called Localty.

We were given three months to work with the Vancity team and build a mobile website that could do a big list of things:

Mapping connections for refugees and aid services

In areas inundated with refugees—like Jordan has become since the civil war in neighbouring Syria displaced millions of people—both humanitarian workers and people in need depend on aid services. Knowing where to access aid, what types of services are available, and when the organizations offering assistance are able to provide it—in real-time, with a map, and accessible on mobile phones—could make a huge difference in the lives of refugees and the capacity of humanitarian aid organizations.

Preparation and planning, experience and expertise: How we approach our work

Our current work is driving home the need to assess a project, work closely with our clients through an extensive discovery process, and understand the requirements of the final product. Other than the obvious -- like having a solid approach to your team's work plan -- we've found this is a necessary piece of our collaborations with clients to best enable us to use the right tools and technologies that will best facilitate their needs.

Our focus lately has been on building connection platforms using newer technology -- using newer foundations, working on a tight deadline, and producing solid results with tools other than Drupal. Once again we're working to solve complicated, interesting problems while building powerful, fast, and useful projects. It's brought us, as developers, back to our computer science roots.

Some of these projects are still in development, so we aren't ready to talk about their details yet, but one example of our proficiency when it comes to choosing the right tools for the job is our work on the Tanker Tracker with ForestEthics.

Flashback: A 2013 Retrospective


Before we dive into the mysteries of 2014, it's time to take a look back at the interesting projects, clients, and things we accomplished at Affinity Bridge in 2013.

We Talked About Behaviour Testing and Continuous Integration with Drupal

Behaviour Testing and Continuous Integration with Drupal - Smith Milner Affinity Bridge PNWDS from Mack Hardy on Vimeo.

PNWDS Example Code

Have you ever had the client tell you something is broken? Have you ever completed your development cycle on feature X only to have feature Y in a broken heap on the floor? Do you lie in bed thinking, maybe you should make sure that node submits properly for user role X? I'll show how we tackle this scenario using automated quality assurance with continuous integration.

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