Flashback: A 2013 Retrospective


Before we dive into the mysteries of 2014, it's time to take a look back at the interesting projects, clients, and things we accomplished at Affinity Bridge in 2013.

We Talked About Behaviour Testing and Continuous Integration with Drupal

Behaviour Testing and Continuous Integration with Drupal - Smith Milner Affinity Bridge PNWDS from Mack Hardy on Vimeo.

PNWDS Example Code

Have you ever had the client tell you something is broken? Have you ever completed your development cycle on feature X only to have feature Y in a broken heap on the floor? Do you lie in bed thinking, maybe you should make sure that node submits properly for user role X? I'll show how we tackle this scenario using automated quality assurance with continuous integration.

Presentation on Strategies and Tips for Building Enterprise Drupal Applications

Strategies and Tips for Building Enterprise Drupal Applications - PNWDS 2013 from Mack Hardy on Vimeo.


Mack Hardy, Dave Tarc, and Damien Norris of Affinity Bridge presented at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit in Vancouver on October 5th, 2013. Their presentation walked through management of releases, deployment strategies and build strategies with Drupal features, git, and make files. They also covered performance and caching, as well as specific tips and tricks for configuring apache and managing private files. If you missed it at the summit, or you saw it and want to review what they said, you can go through the slides below or watch the video of the presentation above.

Tracking Oil on Water

Here on Canada’s west coast, we worry about the shipping routes for the product of Canada’s tar sands. Oil from the tar sands is loaded onto tankers in our ports and shipped out to California or China -- passing through dangerous channels, and vital, sensitive habitats for whales and other sea mammals and fish.

ForestEthics envisioned a system for tracking ships through these key regions surrounding Vancouver, Victoria, and Puget Sound, place those oil tankers on a map in real time, and send notifications out via twitter when the ships pass through different areas. They came to Affinity Bridge with the challenge: can you build this? 

A new kind of project

Affinity Bridge is known for designing and building effective websites in Drupal for our clients. But this project provided something different, and interesting, for the team to tackle. The Tanker Tracker Map Application on Tar Sands SOS was not something that could be built in Drupal.

Will we see you at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013 in Vancouver?

Hi, we're Affinity Bridge. You might remember us from such PNWDS 2012 sessions as Mapping and GIS on the server side in Drupal, and Going further with D7 Organic Groups. Today we're here to tell you about the 2013 Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, and why you, fellow Drupal professional, should be in Vancouver for it on October 5th and 6th of this year. As Cypress sponsors of the Summit, , and founding sponsors of the PNWDS, we're excited to tell you more about what's in store for the Summit.

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