Presentation on Visualizing Data in D3.js and mapping tools at NetTuesday

Visualizing data using maps and other tools - NetTuesday Vancouver from Mack Hardy on Vimeo.

Mack Hardy, director of Affinity Bridge presents to the NetTuesday Vancouver community on methods for using maps and D3.js for visualizing data and story telling.

The first couple slides of this presentation were cut off, so the video starts mid sentence.

Hugh Stimson, of says a few words about the ethics and issues of using open and close sources of data, and the difficulties with presenting a representive message with the visualization and maps that are created.


Grab the slides for NetTuesday Storify....

:) Thanks for the great presentation, it really was fantastic.


That was a lot of fun, and great to get deeper into D3 doing the research. Great crowd at NetTuesday, excited to be there!

Storify link is here

Thanks to Eli and the NetTuesday team for putting all of this together

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