Teachers Without Borders

Right from the very start and throughout this project, Affinity Bridge showed a desire to deeply understand our organization. This was instrumental in helping us create an environment/site that our members and staff are proud to have. They were able to quickly understand the projects we had underway and to make all of TWB’s technology faster, more efficient, and easier to use. At all times, Affinity Bridge has had our long term goals first and foremost and continuously shown that they actually care about the projects they are working on. They’re just good people.

Teachers Without Borders is an international non-profit organization that works in over 180 countries to create programs that support local education leaders in increasing quality of education.

From the Teachers Without Borders website:

At over 59 million, teachers are the largest single group of trained professionals in the world. The evidence is clear: a quality education correlates with dramatic advances in human welfare. Better health. Fewer infant deaths. Cleaner water. Human rights. All children deserve the right to flourish because of great teachers.

We've been helping to update the main Teachers Without Borders website, which provides information about the organization and its programs to the general public as well as members, as well as add new features to TWB Groups, which runs on Open Atrium. The main website work included a full custom Drupal theme, which was developed in partnership with Codename Design, who did the visual design.