About Us

We believe that technology can change the world.

We're a Vancouver-based web development team who work with environmental organizations, social non-profits, co-operatives, and social good enterprises from British Columbia and around the world on large-scale web projects that align with our love and respect for our planet and its people.

We are more than just a highly skilled team of web developers -  our team has a passion for social and environmental change, creating value driven accountability in our work. We are proud of our reputation as a harmonious and high functioning team of engineers and planners. We are known for our integrity, relentless passion and creative expertise. 

We build to succeed.

Our success is measured by the success of our projects. Our clients come to us with problems and challenges that matter to the world we live in, and we pride ourselves in building the frameworks and tools to accomplish their goals.

Our process is designed to ensure success, with scheduled milestones and check-ins, and a transparent approach to client relationships. Affinity Bridge uses an agile development model, providing high visibility of progress and challenges to clients at every step of the project. We have the experience and the resources to make projects successful. 

We’ll work with you to achieve your goals

We believe in collaboration over competition. We employ open source technologies in virtually everything we create. We build large-scale websites and applications using Drupal, Symfony, WordPress, JavaScript frameworks and other technologies. We actively contribute to open source projects to improve open source tools for everyone’s benefit.

We believe that technology is a valued asset, and that managing your online properties should be easy. We build applications and online resources that enable collaboration and engagement on a massive scale, but are easy for you to use. If you’re interested in learning more about how we do this, talk to Mack.

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