First things first.

Everything we do starts with a solid strategic foundation. Using a collaborative approach that is a blend of art and science, we focus on organizational objectives and audience needs. We use data and insights to inform our hypotheses and brand positioning, ultimately creating both visual and verbal identities that bring brands to life.


Branding & Strategy

Insights & Research

Every project begins with discovery. We listen deeply to internal and external stakeholders and work together to understand your organization’s purpose, values and goals for the project. From heatmaps to focus groups, we use qualitative and quantitative research to thoroughly understand user journeys.

Brand Positioning & Strategy

Each brand has the opportunity to define what makes it unique and sets it apart from other organizations. Before we begin UX and design, we assess the competitive landscape and define the attributes of your brand’s personality from character and values to voice.

Visual Identity

A strong visual identity communicates the essence of a brand. Beautifully-designed logos, colour pallets, typography and visual assets all work together to enhance recognition and create an emotional connection that supports storytelling and marketing in various mediums, including digital and print.

Verbal Identity

By establishing an authentic voice and overall language, a verbal identity works in tandem with the visual identity to clearly communicate your offerings, tell your story and create consistency across all written and spoken communications. 

Content Strategy

Writing short, succinct and targeted copy is challenging. A well-defined content strategy builds upon the verbal identity to surface existing content gaps, goals and opportunities. It also informs the creation of key messaging, the development of copy and the collection of visual assets.

abstract shapes and colours with circles
Designs can be beautiful and push boundaries, but they are only effective if they are grounded in strategy.
Jenn Christenson, Creative Director

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