Write tests in plain English and never worry that a site update may have broken something.
Mack Hardy from Affinity Bridge discusses server side mapping tools for Drupal.
Affinity Bridge is attending, presenting at and sponsoring the 2012 PNW Drupal Summit.
The web is being accessed using mobile devices by more and more people everyday, and your site should be ready for it.
An overview of our first venture into Node.js development.
Producing rich maps from large datasets without crashing your web browser.
DrupalCon Denver is next week! Interesting line up of sessions about Project Management, Node.js and Backbone.js, Mapping, and lots more...
Think you'd make a good addition to our team? Junior or senior, we want to hear from you. Tell us who you are, what you're interested in, and why you think we should hire you.
Affinity Bridge will be attending this year's PNW Drupal Summit in Portland. Mack will be on a panel about running a Drupal business and Shawn is doing a session on Build Kit.
Two powerful and flexible search modules - one that allows for pluggable backends, and another that provides pluggable facet widgets - have just become integrated. Get up and running with both of them together - install profile included in this blog post!