Just a reminder, we're just a month and a bit away from the PNW Drupal Summit in Seattle, October 24-25. It's a regional conference, a little more con than a camp, a little more camp than a con...most of the AB crew is heading down for it, and I have no doubt it'll be great! Create an account on the site to register, and mark your attendance on your profile. For folks in the Vancouver area, there's a wiki page on g.d.o for travel planning. And be sure to pitch a session - there are a lot of great ones already! Big thanks to the crew in Seattle, especially Jared (aka. rocksoup) who's...
DrupalCon is about to descend on Paris in a matter of days. Sadly no, I will not be attending. But you're in luck, because our very own Disseminator of Awesome Shawn is on his way to represent Affinity Bridge and enjoy his first DrupalCon!
As of today, we are now only two weeks from the Drupal 7 code freeze. When we hit Sept. 1, from then on in, only bug fixes will be worked on (no new features), as everyone focuses on generally improving the code and how it functions. Because of the deadline coming up, there is a lot of focus on getting new patches committed to HEAD before Sept. 1, and to get the patches committed, they need to be reviewed by the community and given a stamp of approval. As of 11:41am PST today, the D7 queue contains: 392 Pending bugs (D7) 345 Critical issues (D7) 1695 Patch queue (D7) 233 Patches to review (D7)...
This is the first "AB Abridged" post – a series of posts explaining the basics of some of the more ominous yet awesome Drupal projects in simple and practical terms. We hope these posts will help demystify some of these projects for people who have been hesitant to try them out!
We all know the infamous style.css file, and how easy is open it up in your text editor and start to dump code in to the infinite and beyond. Even though things have changed a little bit with D6 and the .info file, look at your CSS for any given site and ask yourself, "is this what we really want, a huge file where we dump everything?"
Affinity Bridge is proud to launch the initial iteration of the redesign. A project of Big Room Inc., is a directory of green product labels. The site aims to help both consumers and producers become familiarized with the various ecolabels in their regions, and connects consumers with green products that suit their needs.
We have been exploring different ways to import CSV data into Drupal and found a nice workflow with the Migrate and Table Wizard module. There are still a few tricky parts to the process — documentation is often unclear or conflicting – and following is a description of our steps to import a CSV file into Drupal as nodes with CCK fields.