Affinity Bridge will be attending this year's PNW Drupal Summit in Portland. Mack will be on a panel about running a Drupal business and Shawn is doing a session on Build Kit.
Two powerful and flexible search modules - one that allows for pluggable backends, and another that provides pluggable facet widgets - have just become integrated. Get up and running with both of them together - install profile included in this blog post!
The 7.x-3.x branch represents a complete rewrite of the Quicktabs module, providing much greater flexibility in what can be done with it. It uses ctools for plugin management and provides two types of plugins: renderer and content plugins.
Build Kit and the Kit specifications are tools for building interoperable Features modules and Drupal distributions.
Boxes module Abridged: its history, how to use it, resources, and a note on how we've been using it ourselves.
Dries Buytaert's core conversation at DrupalCon Chicago inspired me to think about a more agile process for Drupal 8.
Affinity Bridge was asked by one of its clients, "Why couldn't we just use SharePoint 2010?" We needed an answer.
It's already that time again, DrupalCon Chicago is on next week! We've got three members of the Affinity Bridge team attending the conference, looking forward to learning, sprinting, and presenting a few sessions.
The much anticipated Drupal 7 officially launched this week! Here are some of my favourite things about it.
An overview of how to implement automated testing for your Drupal projects.