This morning I was appointed as Drupal Documentation Co-Lead!
This past weekend we attended the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit and I gave an introduction to open data and beautiful maps.
It was an incredibly jam-packed weekend for Drupallers here in the Pacific Northwest, with the 2nd annual PNW Drupal Summit in Vancouver.
Ariane's DrupalCon Copenhagen adventures: Core Dev Summit, Docs Sprints, and favourite sessions.
We want to make sure our Drupal 7 documentation is in great shape for this fantastic new release, and the Documentation Team could really use YOUR help getting there!
If you missed out on last year's PNW Drupal Summit in Seattle, here's your chance to attend! Our second annual regional Drupal developer conference is in Vancouver this year, October 2-3 at Robson Square.
An overview of the Context module, a simple yet powerful way to define sections of a Drupal website.
While working on our last project, I realized that we haven't used breadcrumbs in a theme for a while. By default, the breadcrumbs weren't following the primary links herarchy and were only displaying the "Home" link. Here's how to achieve more useful breadcrumbs.
One of the first and most constant challenges we've run into using an agile development method is how to make it work for our clients' budget needs. Tips from the lessons we've learned.
Last week, Zoe , Dave , and I made our way down to San Francisco for DrupalCon . It was a fantastic week, and even though I knew how many people were attending, I was still stunned by the actual size of the crowd, especially when we were all gathered together for the keynote sessions. Sadly, I missed the Core Developer Summit , which I was really looking forward to, after having to delay my trip down for a few extra days to recover a bit more from the flu. From the sounds of it (and the tiny bit I was able to catch on Ustream), it was a fantastic kickoff to the week, and led to some excellent...