Robin Puga - Chief Technology Officer

Robin specializes in software and system design, developing information architectures, refining business workflow processes, multilingual website deployments, and online collaboration tools.

Robin earned his Bachelor of Science with distinction from the University of Victoria where he specialized in Software Engineering in 1999. After his formal education, Robin went on to develop software for private industry for a number of years, working on such technologies as vehicle location systems and algorithm design for signing secure digital documents. In 2002, Robin joined the British Columbia Institute for Co-operative Studies (BCICS) to help enhance the Institute’s information technology facilities. In his role as Technology Director at BCICS he designed and implemented the online projects, including the Co-operative Learning Centre.

In 2005, Robin was introduced to the Drupal project and became an instant enthusiast. With over a decade of experience developing web applications using free and open source tools Robin’s expertise in software, algorithm and web design are called upon frequently for the “heavy lifting” on projects. He specializes in automating deployment and multisite setups (Install Profiles and Aegir), online collaboration tools, and multilingual websites.

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