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Appetite to Play

Appetite to Play, a project of Child Health BC, is a great resource for early years child care providers. Built using Drupal 8, the website features planning tools for promoting physical activity and healthy eating in early childhood - activities, recipes, and meal planning.

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In addition to the planning tools, the Appetite to Play site has an interactive approach as well: they provide online workshops and an inexpensive online course for teachers to build competencies in these vital areas of early childhood development. Learning systems like these have shown themselves to be more important than ever. 

We custom-built the Appetite to Play site to support the educational platform, including methods of purchasing courses for individual or in bulk; for instance if a childcare centre wants to provide training for all of its staff to complete. And on top of the online courses, people can register for live online workshops to help them promote healthy childhood development. Offering different options lets people work at the pace and in the style that suits them best. For some, that means a self-directed online course they can complete on their own schedule, and for others it’s a commitment to attending a workshop and having the ability to interact live with the participants. 

These customizations help serve the needs of a wide range of people, and since we’re finding ourselves learning from home exclusively for much of this year, having options like these are essential.

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