Great Climate Race logo on t-shirts


The Great Climate Race

Creating an exciting brand to support the race against climate change.

The Great Climate Race is a walk/run event series that enables participants world wide to crowd fund for local renewable energy projects. Affinity Bridge had the pleasure of helping the Great Climate Race founders, Ben West & Mari McMillan, create an exciting brand, and find the right technical solutions to support their mission of spreading awareness and fundraising for solar energy projects, while having fun doing it.

Project Highlights
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$40k fundraised for solar panels in the first year by participants

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1,100+ runners in Vancouver, and another 300 virtual runners joined in the first year

Print Design
Web Design

A brand that communicates the urgency of climate action with the energetic optimism of running culture

The Great Climate Race was born out of a discovery of the positive nature of the running community, and a long background in environmental activism, which can often feel heavy in nature. Ben and Mari felt they could bring the empowering energy of group races together with climate activism, to create a new, fun and inspiring way to take action.

The new brand needed to reflect both the urgency of the climate issue, but also maintain the uplifting, compassionate, inclusive friendly atmosphere of the running community. Accessibility was key in ensuring that the brand felt welcoming to runners, and non runners alike, and that it not feel to "activisty" so as not to alienate any audience groups. We wanted people to quickly connect that the brand was related to climate, but in a fun way that made people feel inspired, energized and empowered.

Photos of the Great Climate Race logo on white, black, tshirt and poster
The racing polar bears are an iconic symbol of the urgency around climate change, and also tie in with the energy of running culture.

In this logo concept we see two polar bears, a mother and cub, racing each other, conveying movement, exuberance and energy. Polar bears, being iconic symbols of climate action, also make friendly likeable mascots that can be fun and playful. The presence of a cub in the logo brings in the family element and inclusiveness of the event. The use of the polar bears also communicates urgency, as they are a well known victim of climate change. The bright colours are evocative of an arctic sunrise, a new day and the possibilities for change.


Great Climate Race homepage
Great Climate Race Colour Palette
The brand colours communicate optimism, and the energetic vibrancy of the race.


Mack Hardy at the Great Climate Race
Affinity Bridge's CEO Mack Hardy finishing the inaugural Great Climate Race. Photo by Zack Embree

Technical solutions for the win

We consulted on various combinations of technical options to get the Great Climate Race up and running with the features and functionality that they needed, finally settling on NationBuilder (did you know we’re NationBuilder Certified?) and Rallybound.

NationBuilder provides the content management system and backbone relationship management for race organizers and volunteers, while Rallybound is the social fundraising platform — allowing participants to fundraise, create and join teams, and share their progress with friends.

It was a lot of fun to be a part of this project, both on the technical side and as a participant. We're looking forward to taking part in it for years to come!