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MoveUP: Movement of United Professionals

MoveUP is a diverse, progressive, member-driven union that protects members’ rights and empowers them to unite for better workplaces, communities and society as a whole. Their previous website was outdated, unresponsive and not very effective.

We began by conducting a content audit, analytics review, and consultative discovery process to gain a deeper understanding of MoveUp’s communication priorities, the underlying structure of their site, and the needs of their website users. We used this information to help us make strategic decisions around information architecture and navigation.

The resulting new website design is more modern and visually compelling, with images and messaging that communicate the value of membership. The new layout and organization makes it a much better user experience for their members.


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The new MoveUP website is more visual, does a better job of communicating the value of membership, and is organized well making it eaiser for members to use and find what they are looking for.