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Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring

The Raffi Foundation for Child Honouring came to us with a need to refresh an out-of-date website and build an integrated online learning platform. 

A non-profit charitable organization dedicated to advancing Child Honouring as a universal ethic and an organizing principle for societal transformation, the Raffi Foundation wanted a modern, easy to manage, mobile-friendly website, that had the capacity to host e-learning programming.

With limited internal technical expertise, they turned to Affinity Bridge to help make their vision a reality. 

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Project Highlights
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223% increase in number of page views compared with 2018

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28% decrease in bounce rate, bringing it down to 54% from 82%

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429% increase in time users spend on the website compared to the 2018 stats

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Better navigation and design resulting in increased engagement

The Raffi Foundation had great pains with their old site. It was difficult to edit, and wasn’t responsive or easy to navigate and had grown organically over time. Our team at Affinity Bridge worked together with the Raffi Foundation to understand their needs from both a branding and technical perspective, then completed a website redesign in a modern CMS with re-written content and better SEO. 

The result? A refreshed brand paired with a modern, easy to update and engaging website. Not only does the site look better, it also performs better with improvements in bounce rate, session duration, pages per session, and high quality site visits. 

Raffi home
We worked with Raffi and his team to create a website that supports his unique social change revolution, one with the child at its heart.

Developing a new brand identity, launching a website and a learning management system are all very complex projects. The Raffi Foundation did all three of these within a year with the expert guidance of the team at Affinity Bridge. They were patient and understanding as they guided the foundation through the uncharted territory. We are especially grateful for the insight with the customized learning management system. The time and attention the team took to ensure that this part of the program was smooth is most appreciated.

Integrating online learning

Part of the website redesign involved building a platform for e-learning where people could register, pay and complete an online course. This platform needed to be scalable to allow for course development and expansion in the future. Based on Raffi’s Covenant For Honouring Children and its nine principles, this interdisciplinary course in conscious living is for early childhood educators, parents and anyone who works with young children.

To support the course content, we set up Learndash Learning Management System, then integrated Learndash, Memberpress, and Wordpress to support the registration, payment, and learning process for course registrants.

course screenshot
We set up the Raffi Foundation's 10-module course for Child Honouring using Learndash – a Learning Management System (LMS) plugin for WordPress

Guidance and support every step of the way

We partnered with Raffi and his team through every project phase, providing high touch support, expert advice and guidance. From branding to information architecture, improving navigation, workflow planning, and finding the right tools for their needs, our weekly check ins, trainings and direct support guided them forward.

An easy to use modern site

In working with the Raffi Foundation, we were able to elevate their brand, refine their logo and streamline their website design, making it easier for people to learn about Child Honouring. Our efforts also helped amplify and empower their mission to advance the cause of Child Honouring for social change. The Foundation’s new, inviting online presence adds credibility to their cause, while maintaining the friendly and joyful feel that is true to Raffi's brand.