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Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to the Vancouver Drupal Users Group (aka Vancouver League of Drupallers) held at the Appnovation office in Downtown Vancouver. The topic was "Reusable & Deployable Drupal Websites". The topic was "Reusable & Deployable Drupal Websites".
As a follow up to the previous post talking about our (re)branding process, we wanted to share with you some of the details of the new theme for our site, as well as a few configuration changes, and what we learned.
This post is part of our Abridged series , which aims to explain the basics of some of the more ominous yet awesome Drupal projects in simple and practical terms. We hope these posts will help demystify some of these projects for people who have been hesitant to try them out! Here, we'll take a look at the Features module, created by the fine people at Development Seed , including a review of the challenges that led to its creation, the current state of the module, how to start using it, resources, and a note on how we've been using it ourselves. Background Everyone who's spent hours doing the...