Kwusen Research & Media

Kwusen Research & Media

Kwusen Research & Media works with First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities in Canada to conduct community-based research on traditional knowledge and land use. Their participatory approach stresses community capacity building to engage indigenous people in researching their own traditions and land use practices.

Kwusen specializes in traditional ecological knowledge and land use research in relation to environmental impact assessments. They also provide innovative services to utilize documentary video, websites, and web-based mapping technologies in their research and publications.


Kwusen's existing platform was available and functional, however it was not designed to scale effectively with the new product. 


We were initially hired to maintain Kwusen’s pre-existing community information system platform. After a full assessment, it became clear that we needed to do a complete back-end redesign to take advantage of how Drupal 7 handles data. We developed a new information architecture and rebuilt the site as a product platform that could be deployed for multiple Community Information Knowledge Keeper installations. 


The site now offers improved user workflow and more powerful mapping tools. We imported data from a variety of sources to create a more robust land management and referral management system on the site. The Community Information Knowledge Keeper platform is now the most advanced and most powerful tool supporting First Nations communities in their efforts to track, catalog and report on traditional land use. It is a vital asset for communities involved in or responding to impact assessments for resource extraction including mining, oil and gas, and forestry.