Public Service Alliance of Canada

Public Service Alliance of Canada

The Public Service Alliance of Canada represents more than 170,000 workers in every province and territory in Canada and in locations around the world. 

Affinity Bridge did a site upgrade for the PSAC regional sites, including: Atlantic, British Columbia, National Capital Region, North, Ontario, Prairies, Québec.

For this project we migrated from Drupal 6 Aegir to Drupal 7 multisite. Challenges included:

  • Language: within the 7 sites we had English-only, French-only, and bilingual sites
  • Theme: there are theme variations across all the sites
  • Taxonomy variations: some sites have different categories
  • Big geographies: some regions are larger and this introduced complexities around committee structures, introducing a committee per large city or area, vs the standard province-wide structure.

Using the Features module, we built a nice clean central PSAC feature, that includes all the common features, and then local Features to address variations.