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BC Lung Association: Quit Now

Stopping smoking is a big endeavour for many people and often requires support and resources. Quitnow.ca is a free program, offered by the BC Lung Association, for British Columbians looking to quit or reduce their tobacco and e-cigarette use.

We worked with the QuitNow team to recreate their website on a new platform that captures real user data and allows for a more streamlined online experience.  

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New website platform and design to improve the user experience

Aggregation of user data to create reports and gain a holistic view of the program

Very Agile Process

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The new QuitNow website optimizes the user experience and offers a more customized approach to support people in the different stages of their quitting journey.

Discovering Opportunities to Improve Content Delivery

To keep their content fresh, relevant and in-house, we rebuilt the website on a new, more flexible and dynamic platform -  using Drupal 9 with the easy-to-use Layout Builder tool. This gave the BC Lung Association's internal team much more control over their information and the ability to easily publish pages, feature content, and add items to their navigation. 

Easy Content Personalization at the BC Lung Association’s Fingertips

While switching platforms, we also streamlined the content and discovered an abundance of important information that needed to be more effectively surfaced throughout the site. 

Quitting smoking is often a very personal journey,  We believed that it was important to be able to customize the tool for each website user after they logged in. The new Quit Plan has a dashboard geared towards each individual and uses the information they have provided to produce a configurable, personalized Action Plan.

Screenshots of the Quit Now dashboard
We created a dashboard for individuals to manage and customize their quitting journey. Floating action buttons follow the user down the page, offering quick access to a free phone call or chat service.
Screenshots of Surviving Quit Day
The design incorporated fun iconography to quickly guide users through the content with visual cues while staying away from potentially sensitive imagery.

Personalizing the Program for Future Engagement

Having a flexible and easy-to-use platform with readily available aggregated data, now means that the BC Lung Association can focus on learning from their participants. The tools are much more personalized and the website now has a solid foundation for the team to continue evolving their program to best support their mission of reducing tobacco and e-cigarette use in the province.