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Vancity Community Foundation

Vancity Community Foundation was founded on the belief that if we work together, we will have the resources we need to build a thriving, vibrant community. They provide funding to social enterprises meeting community needs and addressing poverty by increasing jobs or access to goods and services in under served communities.

We worked with Vancity Community Foundation to create a visually impactful website design and a revitalized content strategy to support their goals of communicating clearly about who they are, what they do and what they care about – building a society that's inclusive, just, and sustainable. 

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Vancity Community Foundation’s beautiful new website is visually compelling, engaging, easy to navigate and gives users a quick sense of Vancity’s values and how they contribute to the community.

Affinity Bridge has a great track record, came highly recommended for work done previously with Vancity, and has a strong values alignment with our mission. They have really gone above and beyond with their time, expertise and energy to make this website sing (both design & technology wise).

Michelle Eggli, Vancity Community Foundation
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